What we do

One of our core beliefs is that we have a social responsibility to do good.

In doing so it's important to us that you know about all the resources that could benefit your work and further your mission.

monday.com platform for nonprofits

monday.com helps nonprofits generate social impact by simplifying and streamlining all their operations in one place.

monday.com want to make sure price isn’t a barrier to better team collaboration and overall nonprofit management.

That's why monday.com offers the first 10 seats for free and 70% discount on any additional users.

The plan includes full access to the monday.com – the easy-to-use platform that enables nonprofits to better manage the organization so they can be more efficient and effective in their work.

We truly care about the success of nonprofits, and that's why we offer a wide range of implementation support to help them get started with monday.com. Our support includes webinars, use-case specific end to end academies, community forums, and more. We're committed to making sure that nonprofits can become experts with our versatile platform and achieve their goals.

Digital Lift Projects

The world is facing unprecedented challenges at an accelerating pace, that's where we come in. We design, build, and deploy solutions with monday.com to solve the world’s most pressing challenges in partnership with NPOs.

Here are some examples:

Scaling Robotics Competitions with FIRST®

FIRST is one of the leading NGOs in STEM education preparing hundreds of thousands of young people for the future through robotics programs.

The Solution
The Digital Lift team designed a developmental sprint, enabling thousands of students to engineer robots tailored for a global robotics competition for FIRST. We have since scaled the solution across 732 new FIRST teams around the World with a total of 25,226 students managing their robotics sprints on monday.com

Health Emergency Monitoring with the WHO Foundation

The WHO Foundation mobilizes private capital with the goal of achieving health equity for all. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised nearly 80 million USD through their campaigns, most of which have supported WHO’s response to health emergencies.

The solution
Digital Lift supported the WHO foundation in two ways:

  • Streamlined the process of monitoring the health impacts of emergencies around the world
  • Built a project management system to efficiently support the activation of health emergency fundraising campaigns


We strongly believe that volunteering is an essential aspect of our social impact initiative. It is a way for monday.com employees and the monday.com community members to give back to the community. That way, they can make a change using their expertise, skills, and knowledge to support various causes and organizations.

We are proud to have two different volunteering programs:

For monday.com employees, we encourage them to dedicate up to 1% of their working time to volunteer for causes they feel passionate about by using their own professional knowledge and skills.

For members of the monday.com community, we offer the opportunity for them to volunteer their time and skills to help implement monday.com for nonprofits. Their superpowers can make a significant difference to those in need.

We believe that both of these volunteering opportunities are an important part of our commitment to social responsibility and giving back to our community.