A philanthropic initiative powered by monday.com

Digital Lift

We equip nonprofits with the technology and training they need to work faster, smarter, and more efficiently in order to reach their goals.

we are

Digital Lift is a philanthropic initiative by monday.com, created with the goal of digitalizing nonprofits so they can scale their impact. We believe technology can help nonprofits save time and money, and make more room for impactful work.

We’re reinventing the relationship nonprofit organizations have with technology, with the goal of making it easier for nonprofits to access and adopt useful software.

monday.com's commitment to doing good

match for every $1
the company makes, we are committed to offering up to $1 worth of monday.com subscriptions to eligible nonprofit teams
of monday.com’s equity
is donated to the philanthropic initiatives
of employees’ time
can be used for professional volunteering with nonprofits

Working with nonprofits to advance the world’s sustainable development goals

In 2015, the UN created a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for achieving an equitable world by 2030.

We are part of the global effort to achieve the world's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by aligning with #17: “Partnership for the Goals”.

We partner with thousands of nonprofits around the world accelerating their organizational efficiency.

The ultimate goal?
To help nonprofits not only meet their goals but surpass them so that together we can achieve a more equitable world.

"In an organization like ours, time is precious... now, being able to monitor everything from wherever we are is a real game-changer."
Cristian Bolado,
National Director, Argentine Red Cross
"monday.com allows us to manage our grants, fundraising leads, and donors in a way that gives us complete transparency into every opportunity and relationship”
Shelby Crowell,
Corporate Partnerships Manager, UPchieve
"Now that we’re using monday.com we have much more clarity into the information that we have. We’re better able to see volunteer trends so that we can better target new volunteers and ultimately improve our retention."
Sharon Tal,
Executive Director, Elifelet - Citizens for Refugee Children