About Us

Digital Lift is a philanthropic initiative created by monday.com that works to help nonprofits become more efficient and effective in their core mission, through the adoption of technology.

Digital tools not only have the ability to organize the way you work, but also to increase your impact, so you can make things happen quicker, reach more people, and create new initiatives.

How does technology make nonprofits more effective?
Increases end beneficiary value
Enhances existing processes
Automates operations


Nonprofits around the world will be able to harness the power of technology to do more good.


Help nonprofits improve their productivity with the use of digital tools, ultimately scaling their impact.

We believe the implementation of digital tools is the best way to do this – allowing nonprofits to work faster, better, and more efficiently to reach their goals.
Total grants in dollars
Volunteer hours donated
Nonprofits we work with
Worth of software for NPOs
״We have been able to work collaboratively on multiple projects and organize our grant administration/management processes better than with any other program or system used so far.״
Angela Stephens,
Grant Portfolio Manager
״It helps us keep track of every aspect of our organization's work in one single place helping ensure that both the big picture and small tasks are followed through on.״
Elise Wilson,
Director of Programs and Operations, Heal Ukraine Trauma
״monday.com has changed the operations in our office. We got rid of the random spreadsheets and are able to have the information in a central location, with real-time updates.״
Abbey Cowens,
Executive Director, M.O.S.T.